Friday, August 26, 2016

National Dog Day

We have always had dogs in our family.  Well, my brother and I got our first dog when I was maybe 6.  Rosie was her name and she was a crazy beagle.  We didn't have her for too many years before we had to give her to one of my dad's work friends whose brother had a farm.  She got out and followed her nose away from our house one too many times.  So she lived out her many years on a big farm and had many litters of puppies.  It was a good decision for all of us.  We had a mutt named Buffy who popped out of a box on Christmas Eve after my brother and I cam back from seeing "The Dark Crystal" at the mall.  She was hit by a of the saddest times I can remember.  We had various and sundry pound puppies who we wanted to come home with us but who turned out to be a little too sick or aggressive to take home.  We had Wendy, a Springer Spaniel, who picked from the litter and had for 13 years.  She was a great dog and raised my brother and me with great doggie authority.  When she met her great reward, I had just seen her at my parents.  The hub and I were getting married soon.  She was lying in the grass in the sun.  She looked into my eyes and licked my face a little bit and went back to sleep.  Two days later mom and dad called to tell me she was gone.  My dad said, "She raised you kids and when she was satisfied you were okay, she finally could let go."  Stab me in the heart right now.  When the hub and I had been married about a year, we picked Cosby from the litter at a week old.  We obviously didn't get her that young, but we knew her from the moment we saw her.  She was with us 15 years and was a wonderful lady.  She took care of our three and, when she let us know it was time to go, my husband and I held her until she took her last breath. Most peaceful and heartbreaking thing I have ever experienced.  Now we have Copper.  Copper who makes everything interesting.  We rescued her from the kennel half wild, but she has shaped into one of the best dogs I have ever had.  

Why am I telling you the history of the dogs in our family?  Today is National Dog Day, but very day is in our home.  If you have never had a dog, I'm sorry.  They love you at your worst; worry about you when no one else does; act excited whether you have been gone 20 minutes or 20 days.  I am grateful God gave us dogs to love us.  The  world is such a better place because of them

Night all.

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