Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Calm down man

Just got home from G's soccer practice. Jeepers is all I have to say. Someone took a big pit stop in her coach's wheaties this morning, friends, because he was brutal with those girls. While the man knows his game and how to teach skills, he does not know HOW TO TALK TO GIRLS!!!! And he has a couple of his own. You can challenge a teenage boy's manhood and he will, for the most part, work extra hard just to prove you wrong. You try the same technique on girls and it doesn't have the same effect. While I know he meant his methods as a teaching tool, he chopped those girls down to nothing. Towards the end of practice, he moved on to the boys and they rallied together to boost each other back up. They are strong together and will improve just to spite him. Love those girls.

Night all.

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