Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Location, location, location

I have the kind of headache that feels like I'm giving birth to an alien out of my sinuses, so this will not be a long post tonight.

The boy came downstairs a bit ago with a perplexing question for the hub. So he decided to weigh himself on the bathroom scale. "So first I weighed myself in the center of the bathroom and I weighed 75lbs. Then I moved the scale to right next to the cabinet and I weighed 77 lbs. Then I moved the scale in the corner and I weighed 82 lbs. What is going on?". The hub said, "I think that is an excellent question for your teacher tomorrow. You think?". He pondered that a while. Then the hub said, "What do you think causes the difference?". "I don't know...the gravitational pull is different in the center?". We had a discussion about "Margin of Error" and how digital scales often have to be zeroed out. We had a good chuckle picturing him moving the scale around the bathroom and trying to take an average of his varying weights. I love that boy...always trying to learn something new.

Think I'll go catch a snuggle with him before bedtime.

Night all.

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