Thursday, February 25, 2016

Ad-VAN-ture for the day

I am not big on fashion as anyone who knows me could tell you. When I was in middle and high school, I was a little better. We had my favorite store, The Limited, and I fancied myself quite a safari look fashionista in my teen years. Between that store and my beloved old school Banana Republic, before they completely went away from the outdoor-safari-good leather purses and boots and general awesomeness, I looked alright. These days, as I have said in the past, I stay in a gray t-shirt, jeans and either Chucks, Van's or Chacos. I have to say I am very picky about my footwear. When I had girls, everyone talked about how fun it would be to dress them up in frilly little things, but that was never my strong suit. I am not frilly girl, so I don't make good frilly choices. I did alright. I was much more comfortable when the boy came along. Carpenter jeans and flannel shirts or t-shirts with talking food on them...or cultural references that may be over his head, but get a good laugh from the parents. What I am most excited about is his shoes.

SIDENOTE: As I type this, I realize I sound like the most shallow and selfish person on the "internets". Though I have devoted a whole post to this, I honestly spend about a microsecond of each week thinking about this.

Back to shoes. We have battled with the shoelaces that never stay tied and never stay clean and I have really had about all I can take of it. The way he runs and flops around, I am just waiting for him to get tangled up in said laces and end up landing on his face. Today I went on a search for new romper so for the boy that might solve the neverending shoelace problem. I did and I did it in a way that will not shame him with Velcro that might embarrass him. He got the shoes of his dreams, he said. Checkerboard Vans...skater shoes. And they suit him so well. Match his quirky personality and everything. Only took me 5 stores to find the right ones.

Time for bed. Going to be a long and busy weekend.

Night all.
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