Saturday, February 27, 2016

Long day, tired mom

We've had a long day. Soccer practice with a mini Wrold Cup tourney. Then to drop in on a party honoring/memorializing a friend's brother who passed away a few years ago. Then to one of the rougher counties in our state to watch S and her friends in a band concert. The boys who went, who are like S's big brothers, were quite the gentlemen and looked after S and her friend after they were being harassed by some rude boys from another school. Whoever said chivalry is dead has it wrong. These boys have been in church with our girl since they were all wee and I am so impressed at their kindness. She always wanted a big brother...she's got a couple in the mix. The bands sounded wonderful and we rewarded S for her hard work and the youngers for their patience with a trip to Pal's. Nothing better in the tummy than a Sauceburger and Frenchie Fries. Good stuff. We had to wake the boy to come in...he barely made it upstairs...but I could say the same for myself.

I'm ready for bed. Sitting here typing and watching The Omen. Perfect bedtime movie. Not really.

Night all.

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