Sunday, February 7, 2016

Super Bowl L....not 50

I understand the need to modernize things in our times, I really do. But daggone it, Super Bowl, why take away the Roman numerals when numbering your bowls and replace them with regular numbers? I am not good at math. My children have passed me in their skills at solving arithmetic anything. Roman numerals are all I have left to lord over them in the field of any numbers. And lord over them I do. When we stay to the end of a movie and they do the date in Roman numerals, I can rattle it off while the kids just look at me like I've grown an extra arm. Oh, the power I held and now the NFL has removed it from my clenched and angry fists. Little children watching future Super Bowls will only see the numerals when the rewatch. old movies or look at old clock towers. Keep the numerals, football. Because this girl born in MCMLXXII needs a little edge over her kids. Do it for the mom.

Night all.

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