Thursday, February 11, 2016

Undercover Granny

I just turned on the television to have some background noise on while I sewed up a bear. Inside Edition was on and I can't really tell you how long it has been since I watched this program. Apparently they have a segment from time to time that is kind of a expose' of shifty business people who take advantage of poor, unsuspecting customers. 20/20 had John Stossel and Arnold Diaz. Our own WATE has Don Dare. Apparently they have "Undercover Granny"...a pretty brunette reporter woman who dons an old woman mask and cane and tries to catch the bad guys. She tried to talk to a crooked plumber tonight; it was a train wreck. Beware, my friends. Undercover Granny may be gunning for you if your business is not on the up and up. And she'll have a hidden van full of your victims waiting to tear you apart with viscious rhetoric.

Think on that, friends.

Night all.

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