Monday, February 1, 2016

Not sure what to say today

It has sure been rainy here in the valley today. We all know about rainy days and Mondays and how they can be. I always want to sleep, but a dark and rainy Monday is almost like the weather is turning down your bed and helping you into your pj's. Kind of a creepy and relaxing visual all at the same time.

My oldest got her state sanctioned sex talk today in Wellness class today. Let me state for the record, she has already had her parent directed talk(about 5 years ago) and knows how all the business works. Luckily for the kids in our area, the "SexTalk Man" who does the lessons for all the health and wellness classes is funny, infomative and just an all around good guy. His lessons were well received and thought provoking. Apparently there were quite a few questions like "If relations happen with a pregnant woman, will the baby blow up like a balloon?"...he handled them with the proper attention and humor. I imagine he is rarely surprised by questions anymore. He is talking more tomorrow. I wish I could go hear him. He's a mess!

Please continue to pray for the hub's aunt. She is very ill and having a pretty huge surgery that may or may not be over at this time. She needs all the prayers she can get. His uncle and father are together and waiting for news.

Night all.

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