Sunday, February 21, 2016

Head backs are all the same...or are they?

We had dinner out at Salsarita's tonight. While their food is tasty, it translates into instant heartburn for me and I anticipate a very indigestion filled sleep. The senior high youth at our church meet there every SUnday night to eat and fellowship and discuss life and church and whatnot. Rather than drop S off and go forage at the grocery for dinner makings only to have to go back and get her before ours was done, we ate there. While we were eating, a family came in who used to attend our church, but we hadn't seen in a while. I don't think they really recognized us, but I did them(The hub and the children did not). Their youngest, a son, looked to be at the most Kindergarten age. Our boy must have looked like someone he knew, because all of a sudden he ran behind my son, jumped out and yelled, "BOO!". F jumped and had the correct reaction towards this strange child. After he did his scare, he ran over and wrapped his arms around the hub and hugged him really tight. Surprised, B said, "Well hello there!". The mother of this child had an amused and puzzled look on her face. The little boy looked up at my husband, realized his mistake and ran to his mother. We all, mother of child included, started laughing. The little guy started crying, burying his head in his mom's chest. His mom commented that she wished she could have that on video for AFV. "I guess the back of his head looked like the back of his dad's head maybe." I can appreciate that. It happens a lot in my job. Mommy legs look a lot alike and little arms will grab at the first available set when they need security. Mommy legs and dad heads. We can only pray that we can be the legs and heads for those who need security and love.

It was funny.

Night all.

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