Tuesday, February 23, 2016

I'm way behind...

Picky Chick is having her consignment sale in less than a week and I have yet to enter one item. Not one. I have 99% of my items on hangers, but nothing in the computer. Not good friends. I rely on these funds to pay for camps and summer fun and I need to get my rear end in gear. With all this rain that never ceases, I cannot get motivated to do much of anything but sleep or sit and stare at a wall. What a little sunshine could do for a gal right now.... The dog is even tired of it I think. I let her go out and play, knowing she would get muddy and I'd have to clean her. She stood at the back door with a look like, "This wet stuff isn't fun anymore. Can I just come in?". I get you sister.

The boy is working on his h's and k's in cursive, so maybe I'll procrastinate a little more by helping him. I do have good penmanship. My one contribution to the homework world. Anything to put off data entry. I'm a sad, sad woman.

Night all.

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