Sunday, February 28, 2016

Long day, long night

It has been a long day today...Sunday's usually are. Work was fairly uneventful, although we did have a member have a health emergency during the service. That is always so very scary. Then I went to a funeral for a dear sweet lady from church who passed away suddenly. It was a nice service, but I'm so very sad. A lady had a health emergency at the end of that service. We kind of felt like we needed to bubble wrap everyone over a certain age, keep them nice and cool and make sure they took their meds appropriately.

Now I am relaxing and watching the Oscars. This is my super bowl and I enjoy it. As I say every year, this is the hub's most despised day. He is happily laying in bed relaxing and watching a soccer game I'm sure. As soon as he conks out, I can go slip into bed and change the channel. This may be the year I can't make it all the way through. We'll see.

Night all.

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