Friday, February 19, 2016

Jumps and pops

How is everyone tonight? I'm in my pajamas and watching a. Movie with the kids. The hub has gone to a forum at the elementary school to hear from the candidates for school board and county commission. He has a few questions to ask about dyslexia and how the school board candidates might consider helping kids like our child thrive in the classroom. Our state has passed the Dyslexia is Real bill, but hasn't really done much with it. I'll stop before I pull out a soapbox. It makes my blood pressure feel like it is going to set a new record high. It has been a big day for the children. The boy had a jump rope event at school that I went to watch. I wish there had been more parents there. The boy is always entertaining and watching 3rd grade girls singing angsty teenage pop songs as though they have lived storied lives is quite hysterical. I also got a call from the oldest. Whilst running the pacer test in Wellness, she popped her knee out and popped it back in. Her tummy did enjoy the feeling or the sound. So after getting some ibuprofen and having her friend B(who has suffered through many a dislocation and knee surgery)look at her knee, she took her AP exam and went home. She is currently icing her knee and watching "Pixels" with her siblings. I know that it was universally panned, but I am laughing my head off right now. And on that note, I am going to laugh with my children.

Night all.

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