Tuesday, June 17, 2014

True story...really

So I was texting with my brother this evening and giving him the conclusion to the events of our day. He had called earlier while we were in the midst of a Mutual of Knoxville''s Wild Kingdom in the backyard. We have some neighbors who choose not to take care of their yard, especially their back yard. Honestly, I cannot tell you the last time they mowed or took a weedeater to it. I am sure codes enforcement would not like what they would find back there, but Heaven forbid someone speak to that. Bad juju going on there and I will not go into it. Anyhoo, the combo of tall grass and a woodsy yard has brought with it the perfect environment for rodents to frolick and breed. S swore to me she saw a rodent of the long tailed "Charlotte's Web" variety in the their yard and ran in with the dog. I really hoped that she was exaggerating. Our pest control guy came last week for his monthly check and rebaited the stations and sprayed and whatnot. Fast forward to today. The dog had barked at the fence a bit, but I paid little attention. The next time I let her out, she ran to something grayish brown. I screamed and yelled for the dog to come and she finally did. A nice fat rodent was in its death throes on the patio. What happened in the next few hours was the circle of life with a mini murder of crows having a buffet in the backyard. Blurg. After the carnage was cleaned up, my brother texted to see "how fared the rodent". After telling of the crows and carnage, he relaed to me a story that I cannot believe I didn't remember hearing. Apparently my dad's family had a crow as a pet when he was young. They trained it and it would fetch silvery metal items here and there. My grandfather would take Johnny Crow to the dry cleaners with him every day and he would sit on a perch and visit with the patrons. One day, dad went into the store and found the crow was not on his perch. Concerned, dad ran to the VFW to tell them that Johnny Crow was gone. When he arrived, there were some men there at the VFW who had the crow and were giving him bourbon. My dad was furious. My brother ended the texted story with "THE END". After I got up off the floor from laughing so hard, I was filled with an even greater love for the quirky ways of my family. Rodents puking up blue goo and trained bourbon drinking crows. Doesn't get any better than that.

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