Sunday, June 29, 2014

Soccer and singing and Sudanese friends

After work today, I got home in time to see some of the controversial MEX-NED game. I enjoy watching soccer probably more than the average girl, but I get so sick of the theatrics involved. Play a clean game and stop being a dramatic crybaby. It is like watching a cheap kung foo film where the punch thrown misses the recipient's face by like three inches. Okay, I'll step off my soccer ball shaped soapbox and get on with life. But, really, come on.

Later this afternoon we went to see S and the youth choir sing and play bells and make me cry. What a talented group of kids! S has many years left in the group, but I was a mess when different seniors got up to speak about their experiences on their recent choir tour. Our favorite drummer girl, besides my own novice, made us well up the most. She has been such a positive influence on our girl, such a teacher...a comedian...a protector. SHe will be going to college this fall to pursue her degree in music education. My gosh are the kids going to be lucky to have her. What a gift she is to us and so many!

After I scooped my heart up off the floor of the sanctuary, we left to find some dinner. The routine of eating out or eating meals from a microwave has grown quite old and I am ready to get to cooking in a kitchen again. Anyhoo, whilst sitting and eating our burgers, we got a text about the boy and his adventures. He was having fun being a good host and entertainer to a new friend visiting from Sudan. Our friend Danny was taking him around and he came to visit. The boy did not disappoint and had lots of conversation. He also worked some puzzles with Danny and his new friend.

I am so glad that our children are getting to have experiences with people all over the world. It is good to know there are other people out there...that we are so very blessed and are, regardless of what the TV wants us to think, not the center of the universe. I just love that picture.

Our new friend Scotty returns tomorrow to finish installing the cabinets and the countertops. I can almost see the finish line. It is going to be so very nice. We are so fortunate. Night all.
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