Thursday, June 26, 2014

Almost time to get her

Tomorrow we get to go pick up our sweet G from camp.  I know I often complain that my children fight and bicker and get crazy, but I think they are all missing her terribly.  It is just so very quiet here in this house...even with all the workmen here.  I need that girl and her crazy dancing and her cool singing voice.  Her sister needs her roommate and sparring buddy.  Her brother needs his second mother and his snuggle buddy.  S and I will make the trip to get her while the hub stays here to watch the new flooring be installed.  

We watched the USA lose but win today while we nervously ate our lunch.  S was pretty shocked to see her mother get so fan-ish during the game, but she was going to find out about me eventually.  At least I didn't paint myself and dress up like Mrs. Captain America.  I just yelled a lot at the TV and said, "GET UP AND STOP THE ACTING!!!" a little more than maybe I should have.  S kept saying, "It isn't like they can hear you!".  You never know, child of mine.  You never know.  

I will watch the rest of NY Med and then get some sleep.  After picking up our sweet girl, I plan to unpack her bag outside just in case any creepy crawlies decided to stowaway and visit the big city.  Yuck.

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