Friday, June 20, 2014

They're heeee-rrreeee

Lots of activity at the Cook construction site today. The tilers came to start the bathroom tub surround...the cabinets for the kitchen were delivered...the guys came to get our extra drywall stuff...our friends, the painters, came to get the paint samples and check out the rooms to be painted. The dog is about to have a heart attack with all the activity. She will be more relieved than anyone to have this done. Besides pitching and tossing lots of junk and crud, I was in charge of putting laundry away, packing G for camp and running the dog in the backyard to try and wear her out. It is getting closer every day and I just pray it can be complete before B's surgery.

Right now I feel very funky and need a shower. The hub is ready to collapse and the kids are wiped. Tomorrow the painters come and who know what else will happen. It's a circus over here.

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