Sunday, June 22, 2014

Another camper off

We took G to camp today. I know that things around our house are pretty much complete drywall dust covered chaos, but I did not expect her to be quite so elated about the week. I swear the child pretty much mentally galloped to her cabin. No running around could catch a root and do a face plant in no time. I wanted no part of that. We got to her cabin, named after a wild bird, I helped her make her bed, hugs were given and she gave us the boot. Again, I am so glad the kids love camp so much. Um, they don't have to act quite so happy for us to go. Oh well.

Remodel report: The cabinet installers come tomorrow. It's about to get real kitcheny, friends. Other than that, S will be returning from her choir trip. Never dull, as always. I will now collapse and hope my feet will stop hurting so I can completely conk out.

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