Monday, June 23, 2014

Cesar Milan would approve

So our new friend Scotty came today to install the cabinets. What a delightful and thoroughly enjoyable guy! Third generation carpenter who has been in the business for 44 years. He was entertaining and full of stories. Copper was especially enamored with him, probably because he paid the most attention to her of all the people who have worked in this mess. She was none too happy to be confined to her crate today and continuously expressed her opinon about her circumstances all day. I would take her out and run her for 30 minutes and then give her a treat and put her in her crate so I could help out. Desperate barking. I took her on a walk around the neighborhood. Desperate barking. We were out of the rawhide treats that occupy her for a long time, so I ran to the store to get some. My mom texted a 911 to get home with the treat because the dog was barking like an insane mongrel. Upon arrival, Scotty the carpenter suggested that we put Copper on the treadmill and wear her out. Cesar Milan does it. Scotty does it. He has amazing success with it wear his dogs out. I can wear her out just fine, but when her routine is messed up, she gets stressed. Who doesn't? Anyway, the barking reached a fever pitch and my sanity was just about gone, so the hub put her harness and leash on and put her on the treadmill. After we stopped laughing, we realized that this was probably the best idea ever. Get a good exhausting walk in and not die of heat stroke outside. I guess it will happen again tomorrow...and I will probably laugh just as hard.

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