Saturday, June 21, 2014

Happy little trees...

I never knew how much having the walls painted in our kitchen and bathroom would make me happy. It is understood that everybody is getting sick of hearing about this blasted remodel. I get it. The kids have hit their limit of being in a state of chaos. In the course of today, we had the walls and ceilings painted, the fridge croaked and partially came back to life and the washer started leaking and smeliing like ozone. Another day in paradise. Now I am just praying I can talk the hub into a foot rub. Not feeling great about my chances.

Tomorrow we take sweet G to camp for a week long stay. She is excited and so are we. It is an exciting time and, once again, a proud time for us. Going to camp without any friends to hang out with for the duration. It is a time to make new camp friends and enjoy the special bond that you form when sleeping in an un-air conditioned cabin together. It will be a great week I know.

Time for bed, friends. Have a great evening.

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