Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Ugh...ughity ugh

So the boy went to bed last night not feeling great. His sinuses were jacked up and his ears were starting to hurt. I gave him the usual Mucinex/allergy stuff and sent him to bed. This morning when I got him up, he was burning like a furnace. He had the glazed, sick eyed look that I knew all too well. He got dressed and I told him to relax. After sisters went to school, he and I went to the urgent care clinic as our doc office didn't open for another couple of hours. I was convinced that he had a double ear infection, which he still might. BUT, knock me over with a feather, he had strep. This is his second time ever having it. I got him home and tucked him in only to receive a text from his sister and roommate saying, "My throat is killing me." I went to get her and took her to the same place. While she did not test positive, the NP said she was "well on her way" to a positive test soon enough. Her second time having strep as well. I have been Lysoling a lot and making runs for ice water and throat lozenges. They are pretty pitiful. Hopefully with a day's worth of antibiotics in them, they will wake up new children. I hope. Breaks my heart to see them sick.

Just pray we don't get it. Too many things going on. Way too many.

Night all.

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