Friday, December 30, 2016

It's getting real

We took the oldest to the county clerk's office early this morning to see how the wheels of government work. Well, that and we went to turn in papers and finish the process for applying for a passport. The security guard there had to be the kindest and most genuine government employee I have ever met in one of those offices. He made sure we were welcomed, had the proper papers filled out the proper way so we wouldn't waste our time waiting only to be told we needed to come back with different papers. Just a bright light in a place nowhere wanted to be. The paperwork is officially file and reality has hit all of us that she will be leaving the country in a few months. I'm trying to not be completely freaked out about that. You know, roller coasters are really fun and thrilling until you grow up and watch your child go on one for the first time. I mean, they are still fun, but the weight of parental responsibility weighs heavy on my mind when I think of what I am allowing them to do. Just like with this mission trip, it all sounds like a super great adventure until you realize that you are sending your baby on a trip to another country and you will not be with her. It is pretty intimidating. But I know she will be okay. Just the worrisome mom in me.

Going to go tend to an ill child now. Tummy trouble.

Night all.

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