Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Take Three

So the living room has been in a complete state of disarray after the tree falling incidents of Monday night and wee hours of Tuesday morning. The shards of glass and pottery were cleaned up and the broken remnants of Christmas Disaster '16 have been placed in a jar for us to have to remember. Tonight, we put the dried tree skirts back on; the wooden cranberries and rag garland were carefully placed on the branches; the surviving ornaments, some missing feet or ears, were placed on the worn out branches. Charlie Brown would be proud.

Tomorrow is a busy one with work at my job and work in the yard trying desperately to find our grass beneath all the gajillion leaves that have come down in the crazy storms we've had. But job will come first. Then S has her band concert. I love Christmas concerts, so I am excited for tomorrow.

Time for bed. Night all.

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