Sunday, December 11, 2016

Funny people

Another Sunday, another busy time. As Christmas draws near, things get busier and stressful. Lots of activities get stuffed into one small period of time. So anything that can relieve some of that stress is more than welcome. Today in our combined Sunday school class(3's, 4's and K), they were volunteering to pray before snack. One little boy volunteered his services. This was the epic beginning of his 3+ minute prayer: "Dear Lord, Thank you for our bodies. Thank you for our bones, because without our bones, we would just be piles of skin in the floor." And it went on from there. I hope he wasn't praying with his eyes open, because I almost lost it. It was so funny and genuine and excellent. How could you not have a good day when it starts with a prayer like that?

I'm tired and have to go downstairs and cut up a cake.

Night all.

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