Monday, December 12, 2016

Night #2

Our second night of the choir program has come and gone. Not going to lie, I am glad it is over. It is fun to participate in, but is a commitment...not as much as the choir members with all that they sing and do. The boy has a super painful ear, so he and the hub ducked out right after his singing obligation. I ducked out after my bell choir part to go sit in the nursery. One of the staffers had a horrible migraine. She was a trooper and came in, but we sent her home. I'm so thankful for a friend and her daughter who stepped in to help out our other staff member. They were a cute little trio of children tonight, so it is always fun to be with them.

Now that the program is over, time to prepare for a band program and trying to get gifts purchased and wrapped. I'm ready to do some relaxing...maybe a little.

Night all.

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