Wednesday, December 14, 2016

A quick sick one

The boy is still feeling poorly, although he did perk up this evening. He really wants to go to school tomorrow, so we will hope that can happen. My tooth is about to kill the point that I was ready to yank it out myself. My dentist is off tomorrow, but I may have to beg at his feet on Friday for some relief. It is agonizing. Band fruit is in and about half or a little more has been delivered. The hub ate the inaugural navel orange and seemed to enjoy it, so all is well. Tomorrow we all get to get new toothbrushes since strep hit the house. Upon the medical advice of a nurse friend, our current ones have been soaking in peroxide until we are safe to get new ones. The funny things we get excited over.

I am going to go wash the stink of fruit and Lysol off my body and get ready for bed.

Night all.

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  1. isn't it THE strep? I know thats a southern thing, but I've started saying THE before almost every malady and people, (or peoples; as we say in Illinois) come to expect it.

    THE 6th friend, Adrienne