Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Roller coaster

Riding the emotional roller coaster is never a fun time for many people.  But, life is a constant roller coaster of emotions that we have to hold on and try not to fall out of the car.  We are awaiting the results of my uncle's bone marrow biopsy to see if he will be accepted into a clinical trial.  Whenever i started this blog, I did not think it would be a place where I would emotionally vomit every day for the six people who click on this link, but it has become that.  I apologize.  As a person who believes in God and His power, I will put this story and requests for prayers for his restored health on every platform I can possibly find.  I love my uncle...I love all of my uncle's and I would give anything to make them better.  So if you pray, pray for healing and comfort and peace and wisdom.  If you don't pray, send up positivity into the universe.

I am currently engaged in the utmost of uplifting activities:  watching Intervention and wrapping Christmas presents...all while sitting in the freezing basement.  Living the dream.

Night all.

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