Friday, December 16, 2016

In Need of Prayer

I have mentioned my uncle and his battle with AML and the hard fight he has fought. Today they received some hard news that his most recent round of chemo (#9), had not worked to hold the leukemia at bay and he is in need of acceptance into a clinical trial. We have been hoping for that for a while, but nothing has come, so they have plodded along patiently. One nurse told them that it would surely be the first of the year before they had any chance of getting into one. Discouraging news for them since this disease moves and spreads so aggressively. Then they received a call that they are to be at a specific hospital on Monday to be seen for possible admittance to a clinical trial. This will mean their separation from family and friends during the Christmas holiday, but it could be the best CHristmas present they get. Please pray that they can find hope in this trial after such a depressing blow today. Pray for miracle, please.

Night all.

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