Thursday, December 22, 2016

Mobbing for Good

Our county mayor, Tim Burchett, likes to mob people.  But in a good way.  When the Henley Street Bridge in the south part of our city was under renovation, the businesses on the other side of the bridge suffered since they were much harder to reach.  Mayor Burchett order "cash mobs" to occur on certain days to assist the businesses.  What is a cash mob?  Basically everyone is encouraged to "mob" the business with their business to help boost their affected sales.  Today, we had a cash mob in our own little part of town.  The Fountain City Exxon has been a fixture in town for 60 years.  Need some gas?  A Coke?  A plugged tire or a new alternator?  You can get all of them there.  What can't you get there?  Hot dogs...lottery tickets.  Their sign clearly states, "Not a casino".  It is one of the few stations left around here that has a full service option and, when you have three kids sick in the car in the winter, sometimes it is the most heavenly and decadent option to have.  Alvin Frye, a World War II and Korean war veteran, community servant and nonagenarian, has owned the station since it began.  He knows everyone and everyone knows him.  The past few months have been rough for him.  He had a hip injury and developed an infection that sent him to convalesce in a nursing home.  Because of all these circumstances combined, his station will be closing for good at the end of this month.  Mayor Burchett, always a champion for our veterans and a devoted community servant, organized a cash mob at the Exxon to help Mr. Frye finish his time there on a high note.  When I got there at 10 after 3, I had a wait ahead of me, which I was happy to see.  I saw my uncle, three friends from church and another friend's uncle.  There were members of the media and local dignitaries.  I signed one of the big cards and inadequately expressed my appreciation for his service to the community.  I grieve the fact that he has to close his business under these circumstances, but I am grateful to Mayor Burchett's leadership in organizing this fabulous tribute to a humble and honorable man.  I wish him and his employees the best as they begin a new chapter of their lives.  Let us all learn from the example he set to serve our community and be a good example for all.

Night all.

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