Tuesday, December 6, 2016


The hub and I have been married a lot of years. We are in our 21st to be exact. We've had a lot of experiences and a lot of things happen, good and bad. We are creatures of habit and have done things the same way for a long time. One of those things is that we always buy a Frasier Fir tree for our Chirstmas tree every year. I love the smell and enjoy the way the branches are nice for hanging ornaments. We all decorated our 2016 tree on Sunday and had a great time reminiscing about all the ornaments and where they came from. Last night, I was upstairs playing a game when I hard a rather loud noise and the tinkling of breaking glass. When I asked the hub what it was, he said, "The tree just fell over!". I ran downstairs to see the mess. Broken ornaments and tree needles and water everywhere. We got the tree back up, cleaned up all the little shards, vacuumed and put the ornaments back on. I had a few tears over the lost ornaments. We got up this morning and told the two youngest what happened. G ran downstairs to see the tree. Not sure what she was looking for, because we cleaned it up. She came up and said, "I don't meant to be rude, but I guess I would have thought you would have cleaned up the mess and all the water." "Honey, I did clean it up...your daddy and I both did." "Well, the tree is still down. It's a mess down there." I ran down to look. My poor husband, unaware and fixing his coffee, walked in to see what the commotion was. More ornaments broken. More tears. People have lost their homes to fire. People are struggling with cancer. People have lost children. Ornaments are no big deal. But I have mourned the loss today. The kids' handmade ornaments; the hand picked ones we got on our very first trip to Disneyworld; the "Baby's First Ornament" with their little pictures in them...shattered. I took my father's advice and took the big chunks of ornaments and put them in a jar. "That way you can have a new Christmas memory from the pieces of the old ones." A new tree stand has been purchased and the tree is getting used to its new home. Ornaments will not be placed back on until we know it will stand up for longer than a day.

Night all.
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