Friday, December 23, 2016

The things you see in line...

I had to wait in lines today. At this time of year, you either allow the lines to drive you crazy or embrace all the possibilities of what you might witness. My two lines were the Honey Baked Ham line and the line to see Santa. The SPRC at work(you Methodists know what that is...just the committee that deals with all the staffing stuff and, well, basically all the uncomfortable and hard things at church), they gave us each a gift card to Honey Baked Ham. People really get serious about the pig they get for CHristmas dinner. I wanted the one that fed enough people but wasn't huge and had a bone to make soup later. Some people looked at three and four hams before they found an acceptable one. Some people paid excessive amounts of money just for side dishes. I'm too cheap to buy green bean casserole and.mashed potatoes from a third party. It seems wrong when I have the ingredients at home. AND the amount they charge, well, I could make probably 5 casseroles twice the size. I'm too cheap. I got a six pounder, that was the smallest they had, and went on my merry way. S and I have been making dough and baking cookies all day. She has been the best baking assistant I could ask for. We will take the cookies and do our traditional Christmas Eve cookie delivery to businesses in our community who have to be open on the day before Christmas. It is lots of fun.

This evening we went for our annual trip to see the jolly old elf. Thankfully we got there right after he returned from feeding his reindeer. The line still was as slow as molasses. We saw lots of awfully cute little babies dolled up and ready to be terrified by a big bearded stranger in red. There were a few child-parent wrestling matches while on Santa's actual lap. It made for good viewing. One family in front of us lost their teenage daughter for a while. I think she hid in Hot Topic out of protest for being made to sit on his lap as a 16 year old. That come to Jesus meeting happened right in front of us upon her return. Finally mine went up for their time with Santa. The girls have gotten to the age that they really are skeeved out by having to sit on a strange man's lap, so they sat on the arms of his chair. I don't blame them. I had a creepy Santa incident with a group of friends when we came home after our first semester of college. I'll just say it haunts me still. Anyhoo, they all sat and they all used their manners and asked about the North Pole and all that jazz. We are now at home and have that experience out of the way.

I may go to bed soon. Tomorrow is going to be a long and busy day...for everybody.

Night all.

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