Friday, December 9, 2016

Good Time

My child is having a Christmas party here tonight. Let me just say that I would rather take a beating than entertain, but moms do things out of their comfort zone since they kind of love their children. We have seven kids over here hopped up on super duper hot chocolate and all kinds of yummy food. I'm glad that they have special, long standing relationships with both boys and girls. Everyone can use some extra brothers and sisters to help them through the day. I feel like I could fall over from exhaustion right now, but I made the mistake of having a fancy glass of chocolate myself. Yeah...they might have to pull me off the ceiling fan before the night is over. I don't handle my caffeine well...there's one at every party. Instead of drunk girl, I'm "'Ffeined up girl".

I'm going to run a few laps in the yard and burn the chocolate off. God help us all.

Night all.
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