Monday, December 26, 2016

Day after Christmas fun

The Wisconsin family has arrived and with it lots of cousin fun. My children love to play games of any type and so does their cousin, K, so it makes for an excellent time. Lots of laughing and kind hearted smack talk, although my two girls can get pretty rough on each other from time to time. There were beautiful music performances and joke telling and theatrical recreations of scenes from Harry Potter. We were busy over here, friends. Because our house is old and not laid out nicely to have guests, they have gone to stay in a hotel room for the night. While our house has room, it isn't like houses built today with bonus rooms and that business. And we don't feel right setting up a guest room in the cold basement. With all the craziness that comes with our five, they probably welcome the break! :0).

WHo knows what tomorrow holds for the cousins, but I am sure it will be something full of learning and laughter for sure!

Night all.

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