Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Nice surprise

I had a few hours of time with just my girls today and we had a nice time. Earlier in the day, the hub and I had attended the boy's awards ceremony which was nice and fairly short...which was even nicer. His teacher had a little ceremony after the main one and presented them each with a certificate of her creation. The boy's was so sweet and so is his teacher:

After I left school, I had enough time to work on cleaning the house a bit before I got the girls from school. We dined at a local restaurant, Twisters. It was a tasty meal. What was fun was that several of S's friends from band came in and sat next to us. Sometimes in the teenagery years, it is really uncool to talk to parents or be talked to by parents. One of her friends in particular was so very friendly and talked to us quite a bit. He asked me questions and was very engaging. He is one of her big brothers on the drumline. I must say, the drumline gets a bad rap sometimes. These boys(and a few girls)have been so good to her. I am so thankful for them.

She is currently on her way home from playing at graduation. I would imagine she knows "Pomp and Circumstance" in her sleep by now. It'll be a good experience for her.

Tomorrow is a half day and the two youngers are going and then...SUMMER.

Night all.
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