Saturday, May 21, 2016

Burst into flame

I am very grateful for air conditioning. In the summer, we often keep our house the temp of a meat locker. Not going to lie, it feels good to sleep in at night. Today we were in Sevierville for an all day soccer tournament for the boy and I cannot get cooled off...and I wasn't even playing. I may be a slight bit deaf also seeing as the parent beside me was determined their their child was the second coming of Pele' and screamed that the whole game. THe boy's team got 2nd place, so that was a plus. After returning and then going to a surprise 40th birthday party, we returned home worn out and funky. I boiled myself in the bathtub which was stupid, because now I have discovered our house is about 7 degrees hotter than normal. The freezer may be calling my name in a bit as I go and stick my head right in there to try and drop a few degrees of body heat. Jeepers.

I managed to snap a picture of the boy with his coach after the game. They are a silly duo:

Night all.
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