Saturday, May 14, 2016

Webelo boy in da house

After a day of soccer where G took a licking and stopped ticking after a bit, we went home to rest a while before the boy's Blue and Gold banquet. It was a nice affair, I must say. My boss decorated up the table with cute little campsite centerpieces and campfire cupcakes. The kids feasted on salad and relish and pizza. They received their remaining badges and got their new ranks. Even our own local celebrity, Don Dare, spoke to the boys. Even though he is our friend, it still never ceases to be cool to see him when we see him on TV all the time:

My boy is now an official Webelo I and is ready to get started on all the stuff involved. I am so glad he loves scout and is learning to be a responsible guy with manners and good values...and he can use a knife responsibly. He's the total package.

Night all.
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