Wednesday, May 4, 2016

They're home!

The hub and the boy went on a day field trip to Hunstville, AL to the space center. They left on a big bus at 7:05 this morning and arrived back in the school parking lot at 9:30. They are tired and starving, but they had a good time. I am glad they are home safe and sound. Only about 4 kids threw up on the bus...4 more than I would have been able to take, but bus sickness was a thing today. They all recovered quite nicely.

I got to talk to my uncle today. It was wonderful to hear his voice, just wonderful. He sounded great and said if he didn't already know he was sick, he wouldn't know he was sick. I had sent him some Ginger Beer to hopefully calm his tummy and he was calling to thank me for it. Always with the manners and the sense of humor. My cousin's priest had come to anoint him with oil the other day. Being a Baptist, this was fascinating to him. I told him that the whole situation sounded like the start of a silly joke..."A priest was anointing a Baptist with oil while he was drinking ginger beer in the hospital..." He said he'd take all the lifting up and prayers he could get.

I'll keep mine coming.

Night all.

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