Monday, May 30, 2016

Grateful for service

Today is Memorial Day and it is always a meaningful day for our family. We are one of those families who go to the cemetery for a visit and put flowers out for those people who we have lost. Today, we put flowers out for my Granny, Papaw and Aunt Edrie. My aunt was also a Y2 in the Navy...a fact that I think is super cool. WWII times were tough and she was in there serving like a boss. I love it. We also put flowers on the grave of my aunt's father. He was a Lt Col in the Air Force. Since she is in the hospital with my uncle, she wasn't going to make her usual Memorial Day visit to the cemetery, so we went in her place. We also visited our friend's son, Baby Drew. Yes, I know they aren't there, but we want to pay our respects. After, we went to Fountain CIty Day in the park. It is a little community fest that we love to visit every year. The kids saw some animals, ate some homemade ice cream and saw about half the church.

We had dinner and football and soccer fun with my brother and sister in law and nieces and nephews. The boy is sufficiently worn out and we were all stuffed. It has been a lovely and exhausting day.

Thank you, all vets, for your service to our country. We are so very thankful for you.

Night all.

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