Monday, May 23, 2016

First of the Summer

Well after some puppy dog eyes and begging, I caved and took the kids to their first movie of the vacation season. I had to get a little bit of laundry done first, so the kids did some work and readied themselves for their cinematic adventure. The boy got some cash to buy his own concessions and insisted on paying for it himself. After several previews, we sat for 2hrs and 26 minutes and watched Cap and friends fight evil and each other. We laughed and screamed and cried a little bit. Captain America was a very entertaining show for sure. The next year is going to be full of lots of superhero movies...I'm excited and the boy is too.

Tomorrow is a work day and I would be lying if I said I was excited. I just want to be with the children. Oh well. Gotta help make the doughnuts I guess.

Night all.

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