Sunday, May 8, 2016

Happy Mother's Day 2016!

It has, as always, been a funny and unpredictable Mother's Day. I got home from work as soon as I could and set to helping the boy make a poster for his Antarctica project. That took longer than expected, but it got done and we had time to play some Four Square. I really should have put on a mask, because little pollen granules were falling down from the trees like deathly rain trying to kill my respiratory system. Once the competition got too intense, we left to go watch the middle school boys' team, with several of G's friends on it, play for the championship in their division. They were outsized and, because of that fact, outmatched because of the size difference since they were 6/7th graders and the other team was mostly 8th graders. It got rough and, in a moment of greatness for mothers everywhere, a dirty play happened which resulted in a yellow card and an injury which led to the aggressor's and the victim's moms to begin a war of words and fist fight on the sideline. Luckily another mom broke it up as our coach yelled at the parents to "Show some class". No TV show could have provided that. We feasted on burgers and got the kids some ice cream. They gave me some sweet and thoughtful gifts and beautiful homemade cards that I will cherish forever.

I am one blessed mom and am so grateful.

Night all.

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