Friday, May 27, 2016

Pintesting today

So the boy had one of his buddies over today and I felt the need to try a new recipe out that I had pinned on Pinterest. Lunch was pretty run of the mill: grilled ham and cheese sammiches, sliced apples, Doritos for a special treat and lemonade. I wanted to make a kid friendly cookie or bar or something like that, so I went to Pinterest for ideas. Thank goodness his friend does not have a nut allergy, because I picked "Nutter Butter Rice Krispie Treats". Holy crud were they a success. I have had many Pinterest fails, but this was not one of them:

I'm proud of myself and the kids enjoyed them, too. They almost made up for later on in the afternoon when I thought he and his friend were kidnapped on their scooters from the park. But it all turned out okay after I took the Lord's name in vain about 75 times and had my finger poised on 911. It's all good now...Xanax may be on tap for tonight...not really...I don't have any.

I may have a beverage.

Night all.
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