Friday, May 13, 2016

Trip to the 8th floor

My brother and I took a little field trip this evening and went to take some treats to my uncle, aunt and the nurses.  They have been so very pleased with their care and wanted to make sure to have little treats for the medical staff who come in to care for my uncle.  The contents of their other basket disappeared all in one swoop and in a rather sudden and puzzling way, so we made sure to replenish their supply.  Uncle D had a rough night last night and gave everyone quite a scare, so I think my aunt was anxious to have someone to vent to and share newly gained information.  I can't imagine how maddening the boredom must be for them...two people who are always on the go and in search of an adventure.  I think they'll all be sugared up by this evening.  

This evening also allowed the hub and G to have a Daddy-Daughter date night as S has gone to the drive in with the youth and the boy is at a sleepover with his buddies.  She needed that special time for sure.  The end of school is brutal and sometimes you just need your dad.

I'm going to get a shower and wash the rest of this day off...

Night all.

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