Thursday, May 12, 2016

Waxing poetic

Tonight, we went to the boy's school for a "Night of the Living Museum". I had a really great time, I must say. The boy, as I have discussed before I think, was a scientist who was explaining all about Antarctica. In his room, he and his other cohorts had a power point presentation, posters, chocolate samples, Sledging biscuits(look them up) with orange marmalade not pemmican and a glacier in a Pyrex dish. They did a great job and I was proud of all of them. My friend A and I visited several other countries and had a tasting tour of the world. We had samples of tamales and sopapillas in Mexico, coffee in Peru, avocados in South Africa...and we missed the vegemite in Australia and the Egyptian cookies. The fifth graders were wax figures. Step on their button on the floor and they gave you information on their life. One of my very favorite museum figures was a young woman portraying Rosa Parks. I thought about how proud Ms. Parks would be to have a beautiful young woman representing her so well. Got a little teary, I must say. Albert Einstein, the child labor chile with the black eye and the Elvises with the huge sideburns attached to their sunglasses were great too. I was so impressed with all of the hard work all the children did. They should be so proud of themselves.

Night all.
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