Monday, May 16, 2016

One down, one to go

It was middle school awards day and, I'm glad to say, we all survived it. Every year I say it and every year I mean it, I hate awards day. Even if my children get something, I hate them. The same 5 kids get everything and it gets to the point that one wonders if there are really any other kids in the school. I am happy to say that my girl got two band awards and I couldn't be prouder. Music has been her saving grace, no pun intended, in school in general.. If we put something to song, it activates a part of her brain where it will never be forgotten. It soothes her soul and makes the world make sense to her. The kid is whip smart, but unless they teach to her strengths... Oh well. Her good friend CR got several awards. Very proud of her also.

Tomorrow will be the boy's class party and we are praying that the rain holds off. Please for the love of everything holy let the rain hold off or it will get crazy up in that school.

Night all.

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