Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Green thumbing it

I've been pretending to have a green thumb today. I mowed the lawn...or the clover. At least the clover flowers gave me a clear path to mow. After that, I really needed to get on the veggie plants that have been sitting on our patio. Forever. So with the help of the boy, we planted 18 more plants in the garden. Thank goodness he is youthful, because I am going to be sore tomorrow from all of the wallering I did. Hopefully we, along with friends and family, will reap the benefits of what grows.

We also took the dog to the dog park again today. No one to play with, but a Bassett hound and a white scruffy dog stared at her through the fence. I don't know what comes over the animal, but she squeaks and yelps like some sort of insane creature when we go there. I often wonder what other dogs must say as they leave:

Bassett: Did you hear that "Copper" dog? My gosh she was loud.

Scruffy dog: My gosh, she sounds like that chihuahua who was in here the other day...remember her? She peed on her owner's shoe for no reason?

Bassett: Oh good grief, yes. Embarrassing. I learned not to do that like, uh, week one away from mom. But then again, I had to learn a lot. Haven't seen her since I went to live with Bob over there.

Scruffy dog: Cry me a river. We all have abandonment issues...just shut it. At least you get 2 cups of dinner. Wait, what were we talking about.

Bassett: I don't know. Here comes a Pomeranian...guess we better move out of the way for "Miss Nails Clipped by a Professional".

Scruffy dog: Wasn't there a dog on the other side of the fence? Heck, I don't know any more...oh look! A Kong!

Dog dialogue. It has come to that today.

Night all.

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