Wednesday, May 11, 2016


Today, the hub and I celebrate 20 years of wedded bliss. We, of course, commemorated the occasion with the exchanging of cards, the transporting of children to and from school and the hub attended a middle school soccer coach meeting. We dined on General Tso flavored chicken sliders and sliced up pickling cucumbers. He broke the rules and sent me a dozen beautiful roses with the sweetest card. Sure, we would have liked to have a nice dinner or an evening out, but this is what twenty years in gets you...and I couldn't be more glad if I tried. Twenty years ago, I was in a beautiful dress that really didn't look like my tomboy self standing up in front of a full church promising a lot of things to a fresh faced engineer I met in school. We were both in love and scared and excited and every other emotion you can imagine. We honeymooned at Disney and enjoyed ourselves immensely. We returned to my parents' house, packed up our essentials and went to Virginia just in time to close on our first home...a tiny little cottage out in the country. Here we are 20 years later with three great children, a lovely home and a busy schedule. I loved him then and I love him even more today as I have seen the husband and father he is. I am truly a blessed woman and am so grateful for the life we have together. Happy Anniversary to the hub...let's make it many, many more.

Night all.

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