Sunday, May 15, 2016

Garden preppers

Today was a work day and all of that business, so the morning is shot once I get home. The girls had to sing with the youth choir for Baccalaureate, so I went along with them to church to hear them sing and see some of our students participate. My sainted husband and son went to Home Depot and Mayos to get certain supplies and some vegetable plants to get started. We will have garden boxes and planters all over the place. I cannot wait to start having dinner from the garden. The boy is so excited, he worked like a dog all afternoon: turning soil and weeding and replacing the landscape cloth. He is working hard to feed his tomato habit. It's a real problem...not really. Unless excess stomach acid from all the tomatoes is a problem.

We did have an interesting incident. Several years ago, we purchased some fake snakes to scare the bunnies and creatures away that like to pick at our veggies. In the cleaning out of the beds, the snakes were thrown in with the the weeds and dry leaves. As I was cleaning up the piles of leaves, I grabbed that snake not realizing I grabbed the snake. I screamed a little, threw it and may have had a little bit of pee come out...maybe. TMI, but look:

Sure, there aren't many Cobras around our areas, but you never know.

I'm going to go clean dirt out of my nails with an old toothbrush.

Night all.
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