Monday, May 2, 2016

Bring on the rain

I am not necessarily a super fan of thunder storms, and G certainly isn't, but if the thunder brings with it rain that is strong enough to knock the pollen away, more power to it. I can't tell you how many cars I saw today with "WASH ME" written in pollen. The little bit of rain in the past few days has really greened everything up for sure. The kids got out to play a little bit of heated Four Square before the rain started. They needed the tension breaker for sure.

Uncle D has had a better day today, so that is good to hear. They told me that they would rubber glove and mask and gown me up to be able to see him, because in a couple of days he will have zero immunity and cannot have any visitors. As much as I want to see him, I cannot take the chance of giving him this crud I have and it turning into a major mess. I think we will be recording messages for him and telling some jokes and other things to entertain him.

This Thursday, G will travel to a county high school to compete in the county track and field meet. She qualified to throw the discus...the only 6th grader with two eight graders at their school. She is quite pumped up as are we. We keep thinking that if she throws this well now, what might she be doing by 8th grade? I think her goalkeeper training has helped her learn to throw effectively. We will have to divide and conquer that day since S has her final band concert of the year. We will all have to record the different events for each other to see. It will be an exciting day for sure.

Time to wrap this up. The boy and his Cub Scout friends are trying to blow a tennis ball across the table and beat another team. There is lots of blowing and spitting. I am praying no one has stomach virus potential. They will all be sick tomorrow. Yuck.

Night all.

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