Thursday, January 26, 2017

Watch out, vampires

It was spaghetti night at our house and I made two sauces, tomato and meat sauce and clam sauce. I may have over garlic smashed. The food was good, I must say, but I feel like I am sweating garlic right now. Dracula best stay away from this house. He won't like what he finds.

I am going to have to give in and go see the dentist next week. I went to get my tooth fixed on Nov.2 and it has never stopped being sensitive. Giving it the old college try did not work and I am giving up. I think I've going to have to pull out the clove oil and pray I can get it right on my tooth and not scorch the rest of my mouth like I did last time. It was brutal...but it worked for me like it did for Dustin Hoffman in "Marathon Man"...with out the sadistic dentist.

Night all.

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