Monday, January 30, 2017

Tooth update

In the category of "No one cares, Jenny", I went to the dentist today. They took X-rays, which were long overdue and that is my fault. But they took them and found a nice, healthy crack in it. Nice. Basically I am practicing the art of avoidance right now until Friday. Drinking any beverage out of a straw; chewing on the opposite side; not breathing with my mouth open outside(that one is my rule); not breathing with my mouth open ever. Come Friday, the coronation ceremony will begin and I will have a crowned tooth, well a temporary until the super duper one is crafted. According to my friend and dentist, I clench my teeth. I do indeed. When I am concentrating or angry or stressed, I clench my teeth and then I crack those suckers. This is the third one to fall prey to my apparent clenching problem. Maybe I need a squeezey stress ball. Who knows. Whatever the case, I will have another piece of porcelain in my mouth soon enough.

Chew on that thought.

Night all.

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