Monday, January 9, 2017

They're Ready

We had a snow day today which was nice and one more day to sleep in, but I think the kids finally reached their limit with each other. They miss the daily interaction with their friends and, honestly, I think they miss the routine. I am a fan of routines, so I can understand. Tomorrow there is a two hour delay, so they will get their wish of seeing their friends...just for a shorter time. I know lots of parents are ready to have the kids gone and out of the house. I will miss mine. They can make me crazy, but I love having them home. I feel much more complete when they are here. Oh well. Such is life. They go to school and I go to work. We'll get back into the swing of school soon enough.

I'm going to go to bed early and hop I can get some sleep. Our 17 year old neighbor had his super duper noisy car back. Every night he has been out messing around until 12:30 or 1 in the morning. When he comes home, his flipping muffler is so loud that it wakes me up every night. FOr the past week. Ugh. I need to sleep. So...

Night all.

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